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Tungsram 35W CMH Single Ended Mini G8.5 Hi Inten Disch Bulb 3600lm 92V EEC-A+ Ref76120*Upto10DayLeadtime*
Tungsram 50W MR16 Precise Bright 5000 GU5.3 Halogen Bulb Dim 770lm EEC-B Ref88232 *Up to 10 Day Leadtime*
Tungsram 400W CSI/CID Tubular Special Showbiz Discharge Bulb 32000lm EEC-A Ref88495*Upto 10 Day Leadtime*
Tungsram 11W B22 GLS LED Bulb Dim 810lm EEC-Aplus 230V ExtWrmWhite Ref93010312 *Up to 10 Day Leadtime*
Tungsram 16W T8 590mm Linear Fluorescent Tube Dim 1300lm EEC-A WarmWhite Ref62524 *Up to 10 Day Leadtime*
Tungsram 20W MR11 Closed GU4 Halogen Bulb 205lm Dimmable EEC-C Ref93010671 *Up to 10 Day Leadtime*
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